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Hello and apologies for taking so long to update my website. I have been so busy with updating the Mood Indigo Events and TW12 Jazz Festival websites I have no energy left to work on my own!

Since my last update in nutshell Riverside Arts Jazz is going great! Fantastic gigs with Jason Rebello, Simon Allen, Graeme Flowers and Noemi Nuti. Looking forward to the next batch. TW12 Jazz Festival was exhausting but brilliant. Can't believe we were broadcast on BBC Radio 3!

The last few weeks I've composed so new music and I'm looking forward to getting it out there! 


Happy New Year! 2016 promises to be really exciting!

At the end of December I had a great gig at Retro with Steve Trowell. We had a large and attentive audience and we all had a great time. With that, we decided to go out on a high and call that the last Jazz@Retro gig. I always wanted the Retro gig to be a proper jazz gig without any compromises and that's really hard to do in a restaurant where their priority is food and feeding their customers. We've had some great gigs there over the last four years but it's now time to put our efforts into new ventures. One of these ventures we are calling "Riverside Arts Jazz". This will take place on the first Sunday of the month in the Riverside Arts Centre in Sunbury-on-Thames, 10 minutes drive from my home! Can't wait to get this gig up and running. We are going to have some incredible musicians playing here in the near future starting with vocalist Marta Capponi. Read all about it on the Mood Indigo Events website!

Had a blast playing with Gilad Atzmon last Friday at Jazz Cafe Posk. Great audience, atmosphere and brilliant playing. My 9 year old student Josh came with his dad and sat-in in the last set jam session. He's going to be amazing!

Started training for the Richmond Half Marathon again. It's on April 3rd. I'm running for Clic Sargent, a charity for children with cancer. Please sponsor me if you can!


Had three fantastic gigs in the last few weeks. At Jazz Cafe Posk we had 2 great nights with Dave O'Higgins in September and Roberto Manzin in October and at Retro we had Jim Mullen as our guests. What pleasure to play with such great artists and to pick great rhythm section players to play with too with Richard Sadler, Chris Nickolls and Paul Cavaciuti. 

I'm also very pleased to have finished my swimming challenge, I did it in under 5 weeks. Still time to donate, visit my charity events for the link.

 Really excited about doing the Apsire Channel Swimming Challenge. You have to swim 22 miles (the distance between England and France) in under 12 weeks. Check out my charity page for more info. Started brilliantly, managing 30 lengths a day after my normal gym and running workouts but have caught a stinking cold as what normally happens when I resume teaching pupils who have returned to school after summer holidays. Hopefully it will clear up soon and I can get back to it with full throttle!


This year's TW12 Jazz Festival was pretty amazing. Kyle Eastwood Band were a huge success, selling out and delivering a killer set to close the festival. I've depped for this band several years ago but this line up playing this material are another level! 

Huge thanks to all who came over the three days, I hope you enjoyed it. Every set this year was great, such a high standard of playing and the atmosphere and buzz was phenomenal. Can't wait for next year's. In the meantime, Janet McCunn and I are putting on two events for the Richmond Music and Drama Festival in March 2016. We'll be releasing details soon. 


Sorry it's been so long since the last update. In May I had a long overdue trip back to The Seychelles. It was great to spend time and catch up with family that I rarely get to see. I've decided to go back more often. The weather was amazing and it was so good to going swimming everyday in the sea!

TW12 Jazz Festival is three weeks away! I love putting on this event and it becomes all consuming! Janet McCunn my co-organiser and I literally do everything ourselves. It's great choosing the lineup and then to be creative in designing and making the website, posters, flyers, banner and the printed programme. 

This year we've gone even bigger, more days, more venues, more events and a larger headline act with the 5 piece Kyle Eastwood Band. This band in May did three sold out nights at Ronnie Scott's. Ticket prices there are over £25 so we really are excellent value for money. This band are already very popular with tickets for his show and the evening selling well! 

This year I'm going to be playing in a trio with Paul Michael on bass and Jamie Trowell on drums. I've played with these two musicians a lot over the last few years and I'm looking forward to doing so at the festival. I've chosen some nice tunes I think will work nicely with this lineup so hopefully it'll go well and maybe develop into something I might do more with and maybe record an album too.

We put this event on as obviously firstly we love the music but also to give local people and musicians the opportunity of seeing world class music but still take part in the jam session and inviting the student ensembles to come and perform. This really is a community event. I really believe we put on an excellent festival. Hope you can make it!

Check out all our bands, prices and options at www.tw12jazzfestival.co.uk 


Really proud to announce the lineup and updated website for this year's TW12 Jazz Festival!

We have some great musicians performing with even more gigs and a new Saturday venue at Garrick's Temple

I had the great pleasure of playing with the phenomenal guitarist Nigel Price last Tuesday at our jazz night at Retro Bistrot. I'm delighted that he will be playing at this year's event too with his organ trio. Tickets are on sale now and Kyle Eastwood is proving to be very popular. Hope to see some of you there!

On Sunday March 29th my very good friend and singer and fellow TW12 Jazz Festival organiser Janet McCunn celebrated her birthday at her regular monthly Tea Box gig in Richmond. As a surprise, I invited to take part trumpet and flugelhorn player Nick Hill from my home town of St. Neots and Jamie Trowell to come and play percussion along with myself and Richard Sadler on bass. 

This gig normally has just a trio of musicians plus the singers but as it was a special occasion I thought it would be nice to augment to a quartet. Jamie is such a tasteful player and can play at all volumes and in the intimate environment of the TeaBox, he brought snare drum, hi hat and a cajon and it really added to the night. The Tea Box was sold out and with six guest singers it was a real party atmosphere. A delicious gluten free cake made for the occasion, including microphone and lead, topped off a lovely enjoyable evening. 

Gareth Lockrane was this month's guest at Jazz @Retro and it was great to have him back. Gareth really knows how to burn and we certainly had to on "The Song Is You"! It was great to have Retro Bistro full and buzzing again this month. We've had three great years so far and I'm looking forward to exceptional guitarist Nigel Price returning next month for the anniversary gig. 

So this year I had a real laugh on April Fools Day. I put up a Facebook post saying I was making my singing debut at a jam session for later that day. I'm a terrible singer and I would never ever sing in front of anyone. It was so funny how many people fell for my post. Some really excited people wanting to come and hear me. I'll have to have my wits about me for next year in case of any retribution. I've already got some great ideas for next year's though!

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