Terence Collie

Terence Collie


"High energy 4 Piece playing original compositions"


Terence Collie - Piano 
Jac Jones - Sax
Joe Sam - Bass
John Sam - Drums

The concept behind ‘Prison Break’ was the desire of a quartet of musicians who worked and played together professionally on a regular basis to break free from playing commercial based music and play music the way they wanted to. It had to be a full blown project: write some interesting and challenging music, record it and then go out and play it to whoever wants to listen to it!

The music was to be a fusion of Jazz and Funk. Take two straight ahead jazz musicians on sax and keyboards and two in the pocket funk brothers on electric bass and drums; each musician bringing their own feel, groove and musical vocabulary to the table.The music would have a simple remit: original music with tuneful "heads" and lots of room for all to stretch out, while keeping the music engaging without having to compromise.

The band have played at a number of venues including Southampton Modern Jazz Club, The Bull’s Head, The Ram Jam Club, The Pheasantry, Charlie Wrights, Mau Mau Bar, Jazz Cafe Posk and the TW12 Jazz Festival.