About me...

I have been playing music ever since my parents brought home a keyboard for the family home when I was about 10 years old. I have been mainly self taught, starting off playing my favourite pop songs by ear along with the record and learning to improvise along. Music education for me never stops and from day one I always wanted to know 'how it all works'. When I got seriously into jazz in my 20s I really got stuck into music theory and harmony and later on having some 'classical' piano lessons. I have done formal studies with the Open University and Berklee and continue to learn as much as I can from listening, watching and getting the chance to play with great musicians.

Kyle Eastwood Band - Budapest 2010

I have been lucky enough to play with a whole host of fantastic musicians over the years in many different genres from rock, soul, funk, blues, reggae, latin to swing. I consider myself a jazz musician, which these days can incorporate any and many of the aforementioned styles, but it is the strong improvisational element in music performance that I enjoy. I love to perform music that requires you to listen and interact on an emotional level, digging the depths of music with  "feel" and freely using any harmonic and rhythmic language in my vocabulary and doing so tastefully and discerningly, depending on the context of the performance situation or engagement I'm involved in.

I am currently running and hosting many successful jazz nights in south west London and playing regularly at some of the best jazz venues in the South of England, both with my own groups or as a sideman with others. Please check my gigs page for all my public performances. I regularly perform with a variety of function bands for corporate and private events. Please check out my events page for details on booking me for a private event.

The Pheasantry - Chelsea 2014 Photo Credit: Zoë White
Bull's Head - Barnes 2013
TW12 Jazz Festival 2014 Photo Credit: Zoë White