Terence Collie

Terence Collie



My recordings as a leader:

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384,400 - 2023
384,400 - 2023
384,400 CD Album

Terence Collie - Piano

Roberto Manzin - Tenor Saxophone

Nick Lenner-Webster - Double bass

Ted Carrasco - Drums

Track Listing

1. The Flamekeepers (Collie)

2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Romberg)

3. 384,400 (Collie)

4. Solstice D'Ete (Collie)

5. Brecon Blues (Collie)

6. August (Quartet) (Collie)

7. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Legrand)

384,400 Digital Download Here


Reminiscent 2023
Reminiscent 2023

Terence Collie - Piano

Track Listing

1. Ephemeral (Collie)

2. And Again (Collie)

3. Lujon/I Thought About You (Mancini/Van Heusen)

4. Fauda Blues (Collie)

5. Reminiscent (Collie)

6. Caravan (Tizol/Ellington)

7. Hubble 30 (Collie)

8. August (Solo) (Collie)

9. Don't Explain (Holiday/Herzog)

Reminiscent Download Here

Terence Collie - TC3plus


Terence Collie - Piano, composition

Paul Michael - Bass

Rha Stranges - Drums

Agata Kubiak - Violin

Raisa Zapryanova - Viola

Andrea Derdák - Cello

Physical CD SOLD OUT



Terence Collie - Piano

Matt Dibble - Clarinet, Saxophone

Nick Lenner-Webster - Bass

Physical CDs SOLD OUT

Prison Break - And Again


Terence Collie - Piano, Compositions

Jac Jones - Saxophone

Joe Sam - Bass

John Sam - Drums

Prison Break - Doing Time


Terence Collie - Keyboards, compositions

Ritchie Garrison - Saxophone

Joe Sam - Bass

John Sam - Drums
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